Does Curiosity Foster Intimacy in Mundane Situations

Topics: Conversation, Curiosity, Trait Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Running Head: Does Curiosity Foster Intimacy

Does Curiosity Foster Intimacy in Mundane Situations

Does Curiosity Foster Intimacy in Mundane Situations
The article I have chosen to review is titled, When Curiosity Breeds Intimacy: Taking Advantage of Intimacy Opportunities and Transforming Boring Conversations. The article addressed issues of conversation and intimacy in a variety of interesting perspectives. The paper will show supporting evidence for the hypothesis that people who have high levels of curiosity will transform situations from mundane or boring situations, into a situation they find more appealing and interesting and increase levels of closeness or intimacy with their partners.

It is natural to assume that curious people seek more adventurous activities, situations, and would force their surroundings to produce these environments; however studies by Kashdan, McKnight, Fincham & Rose, 2011 show that this is true. “Curious people seek knowledge and new experiences” (Kashdan, McKnight, Fincham & Rose, 2011).

The article by Kashdan, McKnight, Fincham & Rose, 2011 explored curiosity and its effects in three experiments. The first experiment had participants (N=98) read a situation that had them imagine themselves in a forty five minute conversation with a stranger. Then the participants were asked to read questions off cards to a partner that they had not met, and answer the questions the other asked. The cards each pair were given were either intimae cards which asked questions that required more and more personal information for each card, or small talk cards. The subjects were also categorized by trait personality in either high or low levels of curiosity. The subjects in the high curiosity group reported significantly higher levels of closeness than did the low curiosity group when using the intimate questions, however no significant change in closeness was seen between small talk and intimate questions, with the low...

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