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Presentation Topic for Week 10
The case study “Asia becomes more important for Kiwi trade” in your reading from Crossman, J, Bordia, S & Mills C 2011 Business Communication For The Global Age, McGraw-Hill, Australia. Chapter 3. While this is a New Zealand case study it can be thought of in an Australian context. There are questions at the end of the case study to help guide the content of your presentation. Suggest ways Australian companies can improve intercultural communication with Asian countries Global business professionals require skills in intercultural communication or cross-cultural communication, because they typically exchange information with people from all over the world (Duggan, 2010). Without knowledge of other cultures, people tend to make embarrassing mistakes when conducting international business. These errors confuse and offend business partners and make effective communication difficult. It is extremely important that Australian organisations doing business with Asian countries develop skills and techniques to improve their intercultural communication. This is because culture strongly affects contexts like trade, foreign investment, and international investment (Crossman, Bordia & Mills, 2011). By improving intercultural communication, Australian and Asian organisations can better understand each other when doing business. Ting-Toomey suggests that, in order to develop skills and build competent interaction capacities, individuals need to be “mindful” of intercultural differences and avoid being judgemental about unfamiliar behaviour (Ting-Toomey, 2007). One strategy that can improve intercultural communication is for organisations to deliver formal training for employees in cross-cultural communication in order to assist with the management of emotional frustrations and the interaction struggles that are due to cultural group membership differences (Crossman, Bordia & Mills, 2011). Effective intercultural communication training should include some of the following suggestions and approaches for trainees, which can help bridge the gap between different cultures: Seek information about the culture

Ask questions. Be prepared to share information about yourself, and be sensitive in the way you ask. Open communication helps in reducing the uncertainty that is present in any relationship. Be patient and tolerant

Be sensitive to nonverbal cues
Avoid negative judgments and respect the individual and their culture as you do your own Be open to alternative ways of doing things and approaching issues or problems Tolerate ambiguity. Communicating with someone from another culture produces uncertainty, which can be uncomfortable. Learn to tolerate the discomfort until you come out on the other side. View learning about cultures as a lifelong commitment that involves independently seeking out sources of expertise such as journal papers, books, respected internet resources and culturally diverse colleagues Be humble; do not be afraid to check that you have understood something or that your words and actions have not given offence, because there will always be imperceptible differences among culturally diverse individuals Another way Australia can improve intercultural communication with Asia is by establishing Australian based groups or organisations that seek to improve access to Asian economies. This strategy, aimed at improving intercultural communication with Asian organisations, is outlined in the case study “Asia becomes more important for Kiwi trade.” Bell Gully one of the founders of the Asia NZ Foundation, has formed the Asia Group, comprised of the law firm’s members who a familiar with conducting business in Asia and representing Asian business in New Zealand (Crossman, Bordia & Mills, 2011) The group includes staff who have learned Asian languages, customs and protocols. As the staff are familiar with the Asian language, customs and protocols this helps when communicating with the Asian...
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