Dttls Level 4 Theory Assessment

Topics: Educational psychology, Knowledge, Communication Pages: 4 (1185 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Gravells (2009) notes that ‘A learning goal is what the learner wants to achieve, by attending a relevant programme of learning with you. The programme will be determined by the qualification content, published by an Awarding or Examining Body. You need to know what you are going to teach, and your learners need to know what they are going to learn. These should be formally negotiated and agreed. ‘

Generally the courses that I teach are accredited to awarding bodies e.g. the CITB who dictate what the course content is. This makes identifying what the learner wants to achieve a little difficult. However, at the beginning of the course during my introduction I can outline the course content followed by a brief discussion on what the learner wants to achieve. Also, by undertaking initial assessments (embedding) during ice breakers, I should be able to ascertain the individuals learning styles which will allow me to alter my delivery of particular courses to enable them to meet their goals. Embedded Learning, aims to help learners to improve the literacy, language or numeracy skills they need to succeed at work. My difficulty lies with the fact that I am given a class of learners with whom I have had no prior contact. Therefore the initial assessment takes place at the beginning of the day. As most of the courses that I deliver are one day duration, I cannot spend a great deal of time on this process. To alleviate this problem I use a mixture of visual, aural, read/write and kinaesthetic techniques. This will involve the learners listening to short lectures from myself, reading handouts, completing tests / quizzes in small groups (usually two’s), group discussion on the handouts and quizzes, role play, group presentations, video clips and group activities such as building thing using only paper and cellotape (e.g. tallest tower, longest bridge).

Inclusive Learning
Dr. Richard Felder (date unknown) in his paper ‘Learning Styles’, stated ‘Students...
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