Dttls Unit 2 Theory Assignment

Topics: Learning, Educational psychology, Education Pages: 5 (1375 words) Published: April 12, 2012
In this assignment I will address the importance of negotiating with learners, inclusive learning, integrating functional skills and communication in teaching practice in life long learning. The teaching cycle strongly influences my teaching practice, by discussing why I implement these ideas in my own teaching practice; I will show how they aid me in enabling the learner to travel from known to the unknown.

‘The first point of contact is crucial in building the foundations of a good learning experience’ Gravells, A 2008.[learning matters] In my teaching practice initial assessment plays an important role in placing the learner on the right course at the right levels to meet their needs. In order for an accurate initial assessment, the assessment needs to be done with the learner not to the learner. An affective assessment needs to be flexible to take into account all the differing learning style and possible barriers to learning to be accurate. Therefore in my teaching practice the assessment should be taken over several different sessions and involve a variety of different assessment methods. Example of methods could include written [application], discussion and practical activity. The advantages of performing the assessment this way include for the learner knowing they are on the right course and the beginning of ownership of there learning. The advantages to the teacher being able to plan appropriate resources and support and learning strategies, which can result in greater learner retention.

‘Wilson (2008, pp. 220) identifies negotiation as "one of the keys to effective communication’. In my teaching practice negotiation plays an important role in identifying where the learner wants to go, motivation to complete the course and how they are going to make that journey. The learner embarks on a journey of learning often with a goal in mind. This journeys end is often thought of as the main goal. In my teaching practice the main goal is often a source of motivation, i.e. intrinsic [self] motivation Maslow’s, Petty p.55]. In my teaching practice negotiation enables us to breakdown the main goal into smaller softer goal and targets, which aid learning success and motivation. A successful initial assessment and negotiation of learning goals should lead the formation of an individual learning plan for each learner. In my teaching practice all information gained from assessment, negotiate goals and targets are recorded in this document. The advantages of ILPS are the information allows me to plan affective learning. The learner has a clear document that allows them to see clearly their journey ‘Inclusive teaching means recognising, accommodating and meeting the learning needs of all your students’[ Open university].I adopt inclusive learning for several reasons, one it’s more successful. The work of educational theorist such as Malcolm Knowles [Andragogy] has move learning to be more learner centered. This approach can lead to a more motivated independent learner. We live in a more diverse society, with ever developing learning needs and an inclusive learning approach is necessary. Therefore in my teaching practice I plan to include, generally when putting together session plans I look at different inclusive strategies that help me with inclusion. Examples of strategies are accommodations and differentiation, making use of ILPS. The use of these strategies enable me plan my resources, support needs, learning approaches effectively. There is also government legislation that needs to be taken into account when planning learning, an example is ‘The Disability discrimination Act’ [2005]. The disability discrimination act made law that all learners be actively given the opportunity to learn.

The white paper further education: Raising skills, improving life chances [DFeS 2006], in response to discovered low levels of numeracy, literacy and information technology skills [itc], stated ‘Employers and educators have...
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