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CHEM 1411 Laboratory Policies

The goal of General Chemistry lab at UVA is to provide students an authentic science inquiry experience. The following sections detail the different components of the CHEM 1411 curriculum and the expectations for students in this course. The syllabus contains the semester schedule of what labs are completed when, and what is due each week at the beginning of lab. It is your responsibility to know what is due to your TA. If you have any questions about the course please talk with your TA.

Pre/post assessment
At the beginning and end of the semester each student will complete a written assessment in lab. This assessment is not graded for correctness but will be used to help place students in lab teams. The information from the assessments will also be used to help inform and improve the CHEM 1411 course. Students do not need to study for the assessment but should put effort into answering the questions on the assessment. Guided Inquiry projects

There are a total of four guided inquiry projects over the course of the semester; 1) Glassware Accuracy, 2) Identification of an Unknown White Compound; 3) Designing a Calcium Supplement, and 4) Synthesizing a Fertilizer. For each project students will be given guiding questions to help complete the project (see lab documents on Collab). Students will work in a group of four to plan, perform experiments, and present the results of their work. Each student will: Take a different role during each project (e.g., Communicator, Record Keeper, etc. – see “Roles” document on Collab) and be an active participant in their group Maintain a laboratory notebook with planning, experimental, and summary details (see “Lab notebook expectations” document on Collab for what should be included). Individually write a lab report for each project (see lab report documents on Collab) The components of the projects are outlined below:

1. Planning
The team uses lab document planning...
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