Early Slavery; Middle Passage, and Other.

Topics: Atlantic slave trade, Black people, Slavery Pages: 4 (1498 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Lauren Subia
Paula Marshall-Gray
September 16, 2012

Answered Questions
1. Thomas Phillips attitude toward the black Africans reflect pity. It’s not their fault that their climate and area have made their pigment of their skin black. The only reason it’s such a big deal is because their different characteristics from the white people. He doesn’t believe that white people’s skin color is superior, but since society thinks that it’s favorable to them; that’s where their superiority complex comes from over the skin color. The Africans perceived the Europeans as the Satan. They came and uprooted them from their own country; the only place they’ve ever known. They were not asked to leave but forced too and majority of them had no clue why they were being forced to leave and made as slaves. For that, they resented them and loathed them. 2. Phillips religious views affected his decisions aboard the Hannibal by making him less barbaric and more compassionate towards these slaves. He believed that they all were created in god hands and therefore he was more merciful. 3. The Middle Passage is the journey the abducted slaves undertook while going to the new world. This trip was treacherous for these African people because they were forced to live in unsanitary conditions, confined to chains, whipped and tortured.

Thomas Phillips was the captain commander of the ship called the Hannibal. On this journey he picked up his slaves and made this journey known as the middle passage. This document shows how the experience this commander went through and also the thoughts this man had about slave trade voyage he underwent.

Thomas Phillips wanted to be the commander of the Hannibal because of the opportunity to make money. It did not matter of what he believed but in order to survive he had to make a living by doing something. He was ordered to purchase 1300 Negro slaves and disperse them between two ships, The Hannibal and the East-India...
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