Economic Demand

Topics: Educational psychology, Motivation, Self-efficacy Pages: 10 (2406 words) Published: July 10, 2013

A Thesis
Presented to the Faculty of
San Pedro College
Davao City

In Partial Fulfillment of the
Requirements for PSYCH 130:
Psychological Statistics


Masauding, Doreen
Layan, Sheerah
Aquino, Tresha
Singco, Phoebe
Dacono, Camille
Alterado, Rielle

Zarate, Amaris

April 2013


Background of the Study
It has been increasingly recognized in the fields of education and psychology that parents have significant impacts on students’ learning and developmental processes. More recently, research in this area has expanded to examine the associations of parental involvement with student achievement motivation. Knowing how parental guidance can have an impact or influence in the learning willingness of students can help determine how well they will do in their academic performance. The empirical research originates from a pervading theme in various developmental and social psychological theories that environmental influences shape individuals’ achievement motivation. For example, social cognitive theory of human behaviour and learning emphasizes the view that individuals’ functioning has its foundation in social systems and that environmental factors affect not only what individuals think but also what they do (Bandura, 2005; Schunk & Zimmerman, 2006). According to Bandura (1997), the social environment can affect an adolescent’s behavior and sense of self-efficacy through vicarious learning experiences and supportive communication because adolescents exist within social systems and are continuously interacting with their caretakers, parents not only influence the development of self-efficacy but also provide observational models that guide adolescents’ adjustment of their self efficacy. When adolescents are encouraged and affirmed of their capability, they are more likely to experience less self-doubt, exercise greater effort and persist when facing difficulties. In Saudi Arabia, a university conducted research investigating the causes of possible academic failure and lack of motivation and willingness to learn among university students. As revealed, most of the students mentioned external factors such as family circumstances that affected their learning. This indicates that there is indeed a link and influence of family relations in regards to learning. (Omar & Alrubayea, 2012) In the national setting, a study conducted by a researcher among second year high school students in Santa Maria, Bulacan was factors that affected their performance in school, one of them involving learning their lessons. It looked into the student’s problems and found that the relationship of family and environment had connections to academic performance. One of the factors of affecting performance in school and partaking of tests were motivational practices of the family. (Nicolas-Victorino, 2011) The above cited scenarios prompted the proponents to assess the level of parental guidance and learning willingness of Psychology students in San Pedro College. Hence, this study will be conducted.

Theoretical Framework
This study is anchored to the cognitive evaluation theory of Deci and Ryan (2000) proposing that environments impact the development of intrinsic motivation. Within this framework, the importance of social environments is also recognised, as they can either enhance or hinder intrinsic motivation based upon the interpersonal context in which rewards are delivered (Ryan & Deci, 2000b; 1980, 1985; Deci, Koestner, & Ryan, 2001). When the environment conveys meaningful feedback in the context of self determination, it is perceived as informational and enhances intrinsic motivation. On the other hand, aspects of the environment that are perceived as controlling, such as externally controlled rewards, controlling communication, deadlines and...
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