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Laboratory Instructor:
Laboratory hours: (1 credit)
Office hours:

Course description: Experiments illustrate crucial chemical concepts discussed in lectures and highlight current interpretations of experimental data, based on modern lab techniques.

Learning objectives: (1) The student will learn how to work safely in a chemical laboratory; (2) The student will demonstrate knowledge of the use of chemical experimental setups; (3) The student will be able to collect and analyze data. (4) The student will communicate his or her findings by writing concise reports.

Textbook: College of Staten Island Laboratory Manual for CHM 121 (Cengage Learning Custom Publishing, Mason, Ohio; ISBN: 0-495-83822-5)

Grading: 55 % Lab reports and in-class quizzes
15 % Midterm exam (20-30 min)
20 % Departmental final
10 % Lab techniques and attitude
Note: Your final grade depends on your overall performance, NOT only on your reports or tests.
The grading above is subject to change.

Pre-lab Quiz: (20 points) Weekly in-class quizzes will be given at the beginning of each lab. Questions may come directly from the prelab questions in your lab manual. On the days of midterm exam, you will have a regular quiz and a midterm exam. Skipping the pre-lab quiz is equivalent to missing a lab.

Lab report: Your lab report is due at the time you enter the lab in the following week. Any late report, without legitimate reason, will NOT be graded. Prepare a cover sheet to include the course, the title of the experiment, your name, date, and the name(s) of your partner(s).

Grading is based on 100-point scale including:.

(1) Pre-Lab Quiz (20 points).

(2) Data (25 points; no pencil is allowed): Print your result directly on the data sheet on the day of your experiment. Have your instructor initial your data before leaving the lab or the report is unacceptable.

(3) Calculations (20...
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