Edahod5 – Te Educator as Assessor (Assignment 02)

Topics: Educational psychology, Word processor, Auditory learning Pages: 13 (2872 words) Published: September 15, 2012
EDAHOD5 – The Educator as Assessor


Question 1
Assessment Activity
Word processing evaluation – Apply the word processing knowledge you have learnt and create a one page document with any type of information containing a document heading, paragraphs and a footer detailing page number and student name. The document also needs to contain a numerical multi level list and a table consisting of 3 columns and 4 rows. Assessment checklist

* Heading
* Paragraphs
* Footer
* Numerical multilevel list correctly
* Table correctly

* Each tick counts 2 marks. Total is out of 20

Assessment grid

Criteria| Mark|
Heading correct| 2|
Paragraphs correct| 2|
Footer correct| 4|
Numerical multilevel list correct| 5|
Table correct| 5|
TOTAL| 18|

Assessment rubric

Criteria| Rating scale|
| 0| 1-3| 4-6|
| Descriptors|
Heading must be correct| No heading| Incorrectly done heading | Correct heading| Paragraphs must be correct| No paragraphs| Incorrectly done paragraphs| Correct paragraphs| Footer must be completed correctly| No footer| Created footer but no information| Correct footer| Numerical multilevel list completed correctly| No list| Created list but not multilevel or not numerical| Correct numerical multilevel list| Table completed correctly| No table| Created table but incorrect number of rows and/or columns | Correct table created| -------------------------------------------------


Question 2

Assessment Activity / Task 1

Subject: Computers
Lesson Topic: PowerPoint presentations
Grade: 10 (FET)

Learning Outcomes: The learner is able demonstrate how to develop a PowerPoint presentation. Learner also needs to show that all research of the content was extracted online.
Assessment Standard: Illustrate PowerPoint knowledge by displaying content, maps, pictures and creative graphics of chosen city. Provide proof of online research by referencing websites accessed.

Assessment Activity / Task 1
Electronic Presentation

1.) Provide a PowerPoint presentation providing important facts and items of interest on any city of your choice in South Africa. 2.) Make use of the following in your presentation:
a. Information about the city
b. Pictures of the city
c. Maps indicating places of special interest or location of the city d. Creative graphics to display or advertise the city
3.) All content, pictures and maps need to be accessed online. Websites referenced need to be made available on the last slide of the presentation entitled ‘References’ 4.) Be creative and create a refreshing presentation of the city 5.) Minimum of 5 slides with at least one slide of information on the city.

The following assessment rubric will be used to mark your work:

Assessment rubric
Criteria| Rating scale|
| 3-5 pts (Fair/Poor)| 6-7 pts (Good)| 8-9 pts (Excellent)| 10 pts (Superior)| | Descriptors|
Originality| Presentation shows very little attempt| Presentation shows an attempt at originality on a few slides| Presentation shows some originality. Slides are presented in a interesting way| Presentation shows considerable originality. Presentation of slides is unique and very interesting. | Requirements| More than one requirement was not met| One requirement was not met completely| All requirements met| All requirements were met and exceeded| Maps| Only one basic map| More than one basic maps| Detailed maps | Intricate, colourful and detailed maps| Pictures| Few basic pictures| More than 3 basic pictures| More than 3 detailed and colourful pictures| 5 or more original and colourful pictures| Creative Graphics| One plain graphic| More than one plain graphics | More than one creative graphics| 2 or more original creative...
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