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EDS 115
And Education
Alison Wishard
Education Studies,

Welcome: Session 1
January 7
 Introductions: Who are we? How did we

get here?

 Professor Alison Wishard Guerra
 Graduate Student Reader Kathline Gomes

 Enrollment & Wait-list
 Current enrollment full
 10 students on waitlist
 Make sure to sign in today to secure your
spot in the class
 Syllabus: Review, questions?
 Orienting Questions

Course Overview:
 Class attendance and participation is

REQUIRED and included in your grade.
 This class is organized around active
participation in class and in group
 There will be weekly in class writing (not
 Two individual Response Papers (Graded)
 Two Team Projects (Graded on an
individual basis)
 You will be required to meet with your
team in and outside of class time. If you

Course Overview:
Required Readings
 Required Text Book: Byrnes (2008).

Cognitive Development and Learning in
Instructional Contexts
 Available in the UCSD Book store or online

 Additional required readings on TED in

folder called “Readings and Resources”
 You are expected to complete ALL
required readings PRIOR to class.
 You are expected to bring your book and
other required reading with you to class.

Course Overview:
Class Policies
 Attendance: Required attendance to all

class sessions. If are ill please send me
an email in advance.
 Use of technology: You may use
computers or ipads for LEARNING
activities. Take all personal
communication outside.
 Readings: Complete all readings before
class. Come prepared to discuss and
share your ideas.
 Check your email regularly, as in every
week day
 In Class work must be completed in
class, no exceptions

Grading Overview:
 20%
 20%
 20%
 40%

Participation in Class
In Class Work
Response Papers
Team Projects1 and 2

Orienting Questions
 What is Cognitive Development?
 What do teachers need to know about

cognitive development?

 How are children’s cognitive skills reflected in

their play, work, and talk? (ways to assess &
support cognitive skills)

 What contexts support cognitive development

and problem solving and for who?
 Does schooling change cognitive
 How is cognitive development related to later
life success?

What is Cognitive
in Education?
Cognitive – focus on mental processes
 language, memory, attention, problemsolving, decision-making, self-regulation, executive function, motivation
Development – cognitive processes change
with age and experience
Education - organized learning
 Disciplinary ways of knowing and doing
 Math, science, arts

 Mediated by language and literacy

New learning is actively built on
prior knowledge and experiences.
 What are the cognitive processes involved?
 Main themes of this course
 Memory
 Problem solving and transfer
 Motivation
 Intelligence, aptitude and expertise
 Literacy
 Mathematical reasoning
 Scientific thinking
 Metacognition

 ‘higher order’ thinking

Who are you and what is your prior
knowledge and interest in cognitive

Who am I?
Alison Wishard Guerra
 BA (UCSC): Psychology and Latin American

 MA/PhD (UCLA): Education: Applied
Developmental Psychology
 Preschool teacher
 Lived and studied in Central and South
 Child Development Researcher
 UCSD Professor in Education Studies

 PAL course on Early Childhood Education
 Doctoral course in Teaching and Learning EdD
 Research on early education & development

 CDE consultant on Cultural Diversity and

English Language Development in Early

Who are you?
Introduce yourself to your table:

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