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Topics: Education, Communication, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (1329 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Classroom management is the most important skill for any new teacher to acquire and it is a constant challenge as a new teacher tries to master the art of teaching. This is supported by Sokal et al. (2003) classroom management seems to be a high priority for novice and experienced teachers. The purpose of this essay will be to assess the importance of classroom management and how it affects the factors that influence learning, relationships and communication in a classroom. But how does classroom management affect learning? A comprehensive literature review carried out by Wang et al. (1993) which involved an extensive review of the research, found that classroom management was by far the most important attribute of student achievement. This makes sense as learning cannot take place in a poorly managed classroom, so establishing an effective classroom management and being able to deal with disruptions and misbehaviour is very important, both for teacher and student. This is supported by Kyriacou (1993) who stated that “being able to deal with misbehaviour is extremely important to setting up and sustaining effective learning experiences ". Kyriacou, (1998) also states that maintaining discipline, and therefore classroom management is necessary for learning to be effective. Kyriacou (1997) believes that “the most common trigger for student misbehaviour seems to be encountering learning difficulties which threaten the student’s self-esteem”. Therefore managing a class in such a way that caters for all levels of ability is one possible way to offset this. This is also supported by Bedwell et al. (1991) who stated that effective teachers need to be organized around a variety of grouping structures within the classroom. This is required in order to accommodate the learners' styles and abilities and also that, lessons are tailored to the learning needs of students. Research has shown discipline problems will be reduced if students find school enjoyable and interesting....
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