Educational Goals and Objectives

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Educational Goals and Objectives

Educational Objectives for this Presentation
At the end of this presentation you will be able to: Compare and contrast educational goals vs. educational objectives Write an educational objective using the ABCD model Develop educational objectives that focus on the learner or participant as the intended audience List three adult learning preferences

A Brief History of Educational Goals
The development of educational goals and objectives began in WWII as a way of conceptualizing instruction and training programs in the military. Educational psychologists and educators jumped on the concept!

Benjamin Bloom and his colleagues published a taxonomy of learner behaviors which was taken into the public schools and eventually adopted in the health profession schools . It has influenced curriculum development and driven the movement towards competency based instruction for health professionals.

Bloom. B. and Krathwolh,D. (1956) Taxonomy of Educational Objectives:The Classification of Educational Goals , New York,Longmans

TodayEducational goals and objectives are widely used and required for the development of continuing professional education activities that award continuing education credit.

Bloom’s original work has been revised and updated.

Educational Objectives are also called:

Learning Objectives Outcomes Terminal Objectives Enabling Objectives Performance Objectives Aims Competencies Instructional Objectives Behavioral Objectives

The use of the terms “goals” and “objectives” can be confusing! Let’s clarify the differences.

The Difference Between Goals and Objectives

Broad statements General intentions Intangible Abstract Generally hard to measure

Specific Precise Tangible Concrete Measureable

The goal of a learning activity is like a target

The objectives are the arrows that help the learner reach the target and demonstrate mastery

Can you identify the Goals?
A. State the definition of a complimentary medical

intervention or therapy.


Provide the health professional with the latest information about over the counter (OTC) antihistamines and their side effects. Introduce the reader to a new development in the early detection of oral cancer.


D. Be exposed to a new way of organizing paperwork.

There is only one objective on the previous slide-

A.State the definition of a complimentary medical

intervention or therapy.

The rest are all broad based goals!

Common Pitfalls in Writing Goals
Focus on the instructor actions-not the learner “Provide an overview of the latest site research.” The purpose of this course is to provide the participant with print and web references regarding site research”. “Dispel common myths about hand washing.” The goal of this course is to provide the health care professional with a review of the history and origin of common myths about hand washing . Confusing a goal (broad) with an objective (specific) “How to turn just ten minutes a day into a revenue stream.” To clarify this example the author or presenter needs to decide what is the overall goal-then what specific behaviors the learners need to do to demonstrate mastery of the information or skill.

A few things to remember about goals
Every educational activity should have a goal The goal focuses on what the learner will experience, rather than what the instructor will share or do It is a broad statement of purpose

In general terms what is the overall purpose of the educational activity? What is the main intention?


The purpose of this article is to provide health care professionals with new information on MRSA screening.

Writing educational goals and objectives does not have to be a struggle. Mastering the basic components will help you to zero in on what you want the learners or participants to gain...
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