Educational journey

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Educational Journey

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I have always found school to be rather difficult. I felt as though I would give my all and still often times fall short of passing. Teachers would move me on to the next class whether I was prepared for it or not. I felt as though I did not get the proper tools needed in order to succeed.

The older I got the more I struggled with school. I began to act out in and outside of class. I had such a defeatist attitude that I would not even try to complete work or set goals. I was told that I may have a learning disability. My mom, a single mother, seemed to be the only person left with hope and faith that I could be successful. Hearing that her child may have a learning disability translated that she needed to push harder. She began to get me into tutoring sessions, and even put me in a summer youth intervention program.

My mom's determination is what began to push me. Although it was a start, I still did not excel in high school. Along the way I had gotten detoured, depressed, and almost did not pass. With school being such a struggle I was quite positive I would not go any further with my education.

After a year of working I started to feel less overwhelmed and began thinking that continuing my education was a possibility. I began to pay out of pocket for my classes due to the lack of financial aid. Shortly after I began I was offered a job that I felt was substantial. I found it hard to keep up with both work and school and needless to say, dropped out. Eventually, I came to see that the job would keep me financially stable but it was not fufilling, nor did it allow for frivolous spending. I changed jobs constantly, never finding a job that offered everything I wanted or suited all my needs. I then thought my only option was to go back to school. I was quite lost at the time. Even with a plan to go back to school, I set out to take a trade, thinking it would be easier on me, while also taking less time and using less money. In...
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