Educational Placements for Disablities

Topics: Education, Special education, Disability Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: April 6, 2011

Six Educational Placements for Students with Disabilities

IDEA established six main principals for the education of children with disabilities. First, is the Zero- Reject Rule, second is Nondiscriminatory Evaluation, third is Appropriate Education, fourth is the Least Restrictive Environment, fifth is the Procedural Due Process, and lastly is the Parental and Student Participation Rule (Turnbull, p. 12). After these six principles were established, the landmark legislation moved children with special needs from segregated classrooms into regular classrooms. The initiative of legislative action has affirmed the right of all children, even those who are most difficult to teach, to an education that is inclusive and beneficial to each individual child. Since inclusion in the classrooms first started, many philosophers came up with philosophies of education for the handicapped . Some of those who oppose inclusion feel that including handicapped students in the regular classroom will take away from the educational progress of the non-handicapped students. They feel that if the teacher in the regular classroom does not have sufficient resources to meet the needs of the student with disabilities, all the students in the class will suffer the consequences. Teachers in the general classroom feel that they do not have sufficient training to meet the needs of children with disabilities. Also, teachers who oppose inclusion often feel that all students must somehow fit into the existing curriculum. Although all of these things seem to be a minor problem for some people, no efforts were being made to try to correct these problems. On the other hand, in support of inclusion, I feel that children with disabilities should be served in the same classroom whenever and wherever possible, and additional efforts should be made to increase the effectiveness of these programs . If a disabled student needs special assistance in a separate group, the curriculum...

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