Educational Planning

Topics: Curriculum, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 24 (5834 words) Published: May 28, 2012
College of Education
Graduate Program
Zamboanga City

Course Title: EdAd 205 (Educational Planning and Curriculum Development) Course Professor: Dr. Alicia T. Baldicano
Background of Educational Planning
A.Concepts of Educational Planning
a.Basic Ideas and Concepts about Planning
b.Nature and Scope of Educational Planning
c.Concepts of Educational Planning
d.Definition of Educational Planning
e.History of Educational Planning in the Philippines
Discussant: Joanes C. Ocamia and Ireen C. Lingayan
a.Mental Warm – upe. Concept Web
b.Bubble Quotesf. Circular Bending Flow Chart
c.Placematg. Numbered Heads Together
d.Structured Overview


Basic Ideas and Concepts about Planning

Applied to any sector, and not necessarily to education, planning would mean the following basic ideas and concepts, according to Ernesto Franco:

1. Planning has to do with change: recognizing it, manipulating it, engineering it, and making things happen. 2. Planning is critical to managers because managers – whether of universities, cement plants, tourism agencies, or a government ministry – must anticipate the changes which will likely affect his organization, and plan and manage the deployment of resources to attain defined goals. 3. Planning is not an end by itself.

4. Planning is also not just avoiding the risks but actually taking the right risks to move from one level to another. 5. Planning makes managers aware of the environment and the forces for changing education – and comparing the school mission and the school competence against the opportunities and the risks in the environment. 6. Planning clears the ground for establishing goals and objectives; and good planners make tem simple, measurable, feasible and meaningful. 7. Planning provides tools and techniques for alternative choices and for examining options. 8. Planning allows rational examination of alternatives and options. 9. Planning arms managers with the tools, frame of mind and emotional confidence to make decisions, to solve problems, to choose among alternatives, and to push for action. 10. Planning allows managers to take action and to plot activities step – by – step. 11. Planning also means implementing, taking action, and making things happen. 12. Planning facilitates the “critical mass decision”.

13. Planning helps firm up a person’s decision through rational thinking.

Nature and Scope of Educational Planning

Educational planning is an instrument for providing the needed coordination and direction of the different components of an educational system. It also ensures that widely accepted long-term goals, such as universal primary education, are approached more objectively. It provides a realistic appraisal of the country’s resources (human, non-human and institutional) which is an important factor in the successful implementation of the plan.

Through educational planning, a country indicates its willingness to effect an orderly change or reform in its educational system by bringing into focus the shortcomings or needs that hitherto had been ignored or unknown and so that appropriate action be effected coupled with the proper allocation of energies and resources through these factors.

College of Education
Graduate Program
Zamboanga City

EDUCATIONAL PLANNING page 2by: Joanes C. Ocamia & Ireen C. Lingayan

Educational planning takes into account the past and present realities of the country’s education and training program. It is commonly preceded by a survey of the educational situation and needs through well-organized statistical services that are necessary to provide essential and reliable data.

Overall, educational planning, either as a part of the National Development Plan or as an independent plan is characterized by:

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