Educational Planning

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 3 (639 words) Published: December 5, 2010

* What is the need for educational planning?

- Educational planning is important to know because it serve as guides to the planner for elaborating national objectives. It does not mean that he is bound to accept one or the other as basis for his work. He need not accept any of them. What is essential is that the planner should know the scope and limitation of each approach.

* As planner/administrator, how do you understand the term “educational development “? Suggest other facets of educational development.

- Educational development - is an active learning process, founded on values of solidarity, equality, inclusion and co-operation. It enables people to move from basic awareness of international development priorities and sustainable human development, through understanding of the causes and effects of global issues to personal involvement and informed actions.

* What may bring about a feasible and workable educational development plan in your region/division/district/institution?

- An educational development plan claims to be designed to meet the unique educational needs of the learner. In all cases the educational development plan must be tailored to the individual student's needs by the evaluation process, and must especially help teachers and related service providers understand the student's learning process.

* What do you think is the ideal approach to be used as basis of planning activity in your area? Why?

- The socio-cultural approach is ideal because it is important to retain a broad perception of literacy instruction as it is currently practiced in our society. Historically, the goal of providing mass literacy at a sophisticated level is a comparatively recent one (Graff 1978). It has only been in some countries since the early part of this century that education systems have seriously taken upon themselves the task of providing literacy instruction, beyond...
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