Educational Psychology and Customer Service

Topics: Educational psychology, Learning, Psychology Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Unit CU3815 Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning 1. Summarise the learning and teaching strategies used in your area of specialism. What strengths and limitations does each have? There are many learning and teaching strategies that could be used to ensure learning takes place within the area of customer service. Each technique has its own strengths and limitations that must be considered when applying them to context of customer service and its environment. Approaches that include activities such as role play where the learner may be expected to watch, listen, discuss, take notes, problem solve as well as partake in practical involvement allow for the development of group interaction. As with all approaches, this method may not suit all learners as some maybe reluctant to participate. When planning to use this technique its important that clear objectives are set and that all activities are clearly explained allowing time for feedback. Additionally approaches such as instruction, demonstration and discussion that involve the learner watching, listening, discussing, note taking and answering questions provide suitable methods of teaching in the area of customer service. As with all methods of teaching there are strengths and limitations such as learner digression when formal sessions are broken up by discussion or buzz group. Or the possibility of specific points being lost during sessions where learners are interacting and trying to focus their ideas. 2. Explain how approaches to learning and teaching in your specialist subject area meet the needs of learners, giving examples.

Within the area of customer service approaches such as role play are assessed during planning to ensure that the activities involved meet the needs of the learner. By ensuring provisions such as clear, precise, and concise hand outs 3. Describe aspects of inclusive learning and explain how you can include learners during a session. Inclusive...
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