Educational Psychology and Learners

Topics: Educational psychology, Education, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: July 5, 2013
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As we are all individuals with individual needs, we all learn in a different way. This is the reason teaching and learning strategies are devised. Teaching strategies are needed to help ease the implication of a variation of teaching methods and techniques. Teaching and learning strategies work in partnership to give a constructive educational journey for both the tutor and learner. .Well known strategies like Kolb’s learning cycle, Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and not to forget Skinner’s behaviourism strategy which helped to teach mentally retarded and autistic children, have all helped with teaching and learning across the world. Teaching strategies consider the learner and their individual learning needs in order to create a comfortable, engaging and motivational targeted learning path. Within my own teaching specialism I use a variety of teaching approaches in order to meet the needs of my learners. I am aware that I always have a variation of learning styles within my groups. I visual learners and for this learning style I include demonstrations, handouts and sometimes photos. I have some auditory learners who are good listeners so for these learners I include discussions and video clips. I also have kinaesthetic learners who usually learn best through being active during sessions so for these learners I include games and other methods they can adapt to. It is essential need to make sure which every session being provided is inclusive. I achieve this by using a variety of learning and teaching methods. The methods used depend on the independent needs of each learner present, this will help involve the entire group and present them each with a worthwhile learning experience. When selecting inclusive learning and teaching techniques I have learnt one of the best ways of finding out what will work best with who is to simply ask each learner individually. This saves time and me guessing wrongly. Once I have gathered this information it...
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