Educational Psychology and Learning

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The role of the teacher is to examine and calibrate the progress of each pupil which they are responsible for. The teacher plans the lesson and schemes of work as well as directs the class. A Teacher carries out assessments and evaluations and follows the national curriculum. They are accountable and responsible for each and every pupil under their jurisdiction. It is their role to collect and summarise information to identify each pupil’s achievement. The teacher identifies the learning objective and reports to the class when it should be accomplished. A teacher will comply with end of term/year reports and be able to communicate with staff, other professionals and parents regarding each student’s progress and ability. A dedicated teacher would be acquainted with a pupil’s interests and their learning styles. Be enthusiastic and committed and the ability to work with a diversity of needs. A teacher has to be flexible, highly motivated have excellent organisational skills and be a good motivator. Importantly a teacher should demonstrate being a good role model, maintain discipline and praise their pupils.

Learning Support Practitioner

The role of the teacher assistant is to promote a pupil’s learning and development by supporting the pupils, teacher, school and national curriculum. The key role is to support and guide the pupil to help achieve the learning objective. Their job is to help the pupils under the direction and guidance of the teacher. A teaching assistant should have a good knowledge of the subject of which they are supporting in order to deliver it effectively. They should be able to deliver feedback to the teacher on pupil’s progress and monitor it, as well as liaise with the teacher on the previous learning objective and reflect on it. A teaching assistant have to observe and comply different formats of observations. Provide clerical support and monitor and maintain resources. A T.A. also has to be a good role model, maintain discipline, be flexible and respect pupil’s social and cultural background. Good organisational skills and the ability to praise pupils are essential.

Ultimately the two roles desire the pupils to reach their full learning potential. Both should complement each other, work alongside each other as a team in order to achieve the best outcome for each student .JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-04


Summative Assessment or Assessment of Learning

Summative Assessment is conducted to identify the progress which pupils have made at the end of term, end of course or scheme of work. This is a summary of the overall learning of a pupil’s achievement which involves pupils undertaking standardised tests or external examinations. This form of summative learning is to judge the progress made at the end of a period of study. Summative Assessment is completed for:

SAT’S results
Class teacher assessments
Reviews of pupils with SEN
Pupils’ annual school reports
External examinations GSCE’s & AS & A Levels

Formative Assessment or Assessment for learning

Formative Assessment is the ongoing monitoring and assessment of pupil’s work with accompanying feedback to help them improve their performance. Formative assessment makes judgements about the pupils’ progress that is currently being carried out with an intention of informing teachers and pupils about how their work may be modified, improved or changed. This form of assessment for learning engages not only the teacher but the pupil and can be used to check the learning in any lesson.

Teacher using open ended questions that will encourage the pupil to think for themselves “How do you think that could have been done better?”

Listen to pupils’ explanations and description of methods on how they study....
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