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TEACHER ELIGIBILITY TEST SEPTEMBER 2013 SYLLABUS PAPER I (Content of School Subjects is as per old syllabus) I CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND PEDAGOGY (Marks: 30) 1. DEVELOPMENT OF CHILD - Development, Growth & Maturation – Concept & Nature - Principles of Development - Factors influencing Development – Biological, Psychological, Sociological - Dimensions of Development and their interrelationships – Physical & Motor, Cognitive, Emotional, Social, Moral, Language relating to Infancy, early Childhood, late Child hood. - Understanding Development – Piaget, Kohlberg, Chomsky, Carl Rogers - Individual differences – Intra & Inter Individual differences in the areas of Attitudes, Aptitude, Interest, Habits, Intelligence and their Assessment - Development of Personality – Concept, Factors effecting development of Personality - Adjustment, Behavioral problems, Mental Health - Methods and Approaches of Child Development – Observation, Interview, Case study, Experimental, Cross sectional and Longitudinal - Developmental tasks and Hazards 2. UNDERSTANDING LEARNING - Concept, Nature of Learning – Input – Process – Outcome - Factors of Learning – Personal and Environmental - Approaches to Learning and their applicability – Behaviorism (Skinner, Pavlov, Thorndike), Constructivism (Piaget, Vygotsky), Gestalt (Kohler, Koffka) and Observational (Bandura) - Dimensions of Learning – Cognitive, Affective and Performance - Motivation and Sustenance –its role in learning. - Memory & Forgetting - Transfer of Learning 3. PEDAGOGICAL CONCERNS - Teaching and its relationship with learning and learner - Learners in Contexts: Situating learner in the socio-political and cultural context - Children from diverse contexts – Children With Special Needs (CWSN), Inclusive Education - Understanding of Pedagogic methods – Enquiry based learning, Project based learning, Survey, Observation and Activity based learning - Individual and Group learning: Issues and concerns with respect to organizing learning in...
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