Educational Psychology and Numeracy Skills

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Explain how disability may affect development

You should explain in detail how and why the disability affects development because disability affects children's development in different ways. That can be physically and sensory, social, emotional and behavioural and learning or cognitive. There's too many disabilities and conditions to list so I did write in general terms or make examples of specific types of disability eg

Hearing impairment affects language and communication in that …. etc. ADHD affects behaviour and social development in that….etc.

Emotional and social development are also affected by a condition like Autism - Asperger's syndrome.

Dyslexia is a condition that affects learning literacy, dyscalculia affect learning numeracy skills.

Physical development may be affected if the child or young person uses a wheelchair, they may not have good mobility. Dyspraxia also affects body movements and coordination.

Intellectual development may be affected by a learning difficulty eg. a child with Downs syndrome

Children with a learning or physical disability may be exposed to prejudice or discrimination at school for the reason that they could be treated differently than the rest of the children. They may be bullied or teased by other students which will affect their self-confidence and in turn affect their learning ability and development. Disabilities are categorised in different forms i.e. learning or physical. Learning disabilities which affect development could be. Autism; autism is a disability which affects how a person relates and communicates with other people and the world around them. Children with autism find it difficult to understand facial expressions or the tone of a voice. They can feel lonely and cut off from society as they avoid social interaction. This could affect their ability to development or interact in social settings or in the classroom. Dyslexia; is a difficulty in learning to read. Children suffering from this...
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