Educational Psychology as a Career

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Name: John Mc Nevin
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Title: Investigation in to My Possible Career as an Educational Psychologist. Word Count: 910

Educational Psychology (Part One)
Educational Psychologists work with students of any age in education and they work and help with the students’ psychological and educational development. They often observe the student within the educational setting and they can then sometimes intervene and recommend ways in which the students’ learning can be enhanced. This intervention can involve the educational psychologist working with the student on a personal level or by working with parents, teachers or colleagues of the student.

Report writing is one task which educational psychologist would do one a regular basis, writing reports on students as they assess them. Ed. Psychologists help students to overcome obstacles which can prevent them from learning. They also evaluate the systems of education where the students are learning. They also often work with teachers by alerting them to the social factors which may influence a child’s learning. Educational psychologists may also work with children with learning disabilities and special needs, helping to create better learning conditions for them. They have discussions and meetings with the parents and teachers of the student. When they work with parents and teachers of students, careful discussion and consultation is required as the psychologists’ input and advice needs to be understood and seen as relevant to those who know little about psychology. Educational psychologists usually have a number of children/students in their care and another task which they undertake is to keep up to date records on how the learner is coping or hopefully improving. They are also charged with coming up with intervention plans to help in the learners’ educational development.

To become an educational psychologist a person must study for a minimum of...

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