Educational Psychology Note for Post Graduate Diploma in Education

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PGDE- Educational Psychology
Educational Theories
(Jean Piaget)

Theory of cognitive development
Theory is based on observation of
his own three children

“Intelligence is an assimilative process”
 Maturation
 Activity
 Social transition
Primary schema
 The main stages of cognitive
 Sensory motor stage(0-2)
 Pre-operational stage(2-7)
 Concrete operational stage(7-11)
 Formal operational stage (11-15)


Theory of cognitive development

Stages of cognitive development
 Enactive representation
 Iconic representation
 Symbolic representation


Theory of cognitive development

He emphasizes that in a child there is a
zone of proximal development. This
zone encompasses a range of skills or
abilities. The child can reach or acquire
these only with the help and guidance
of adults.


Behavioural theory of learning
(Trial and error theory- stimuli
Cat, cage with a button and food
Behavioural theory of learning
(Theory of classical conditioning )
Dog, bell and meat (Saliva)

The two principles are
 The law of exercise
 The law of effect



Behavioural theory of learning
(Theory of operant conditioning)
Teaching pigeon to dance

Kurt Lewin

Cognitive theory
(field theory)

Koffka, Kohler

Field Cognitive theory or the
Gestalt theory

 Conditioned stimuli
 Conditioned response
 Extinction
 Spontaneous recovery
 Stimulus generalization
Two main principles
 Behaviour shaping
 Reinforcement schedules
 Interval schedules
 Ratio schedules

 Physical field
 Psychological field
 Social field

Prepared by Kamani Siriwardane
Cognitive theory
Theory of learning hierarchy

 Conditions of learning
 Intellectual skills
 Verbal information
 Cognitive strategies
 Attitudes
 Psycho-motor skills
 Process of learning


Cognitive theory
Discovery Learning

 Model of instruction
Opportunities for experimentation
Active participation

Social learning theories
field theory

 Physical field
 Psychological field
 Social field

Margart Mead

Social learning theories
Culture Patten theory


Social learning theories
Social Cognitive theory


Humanistic Approach
Motivation theories
Theory of hierarchy of needs

Observational learning
 Attention
 Remembering
 Production
 Motivation or reinforcement
 Self-actualization needs
 Desire to know and understand
 Esteem needs
 Love and belonging needs
 Safety needs
 Physiological needs


Humanistic Approach
Motivation theories
List of needs (27needs)
Behaviourist Approach
Motivation theories
Theory of operant conditioning
Cognitive Approach
Motivation theories
Psychoanalytic theory

Kurt Lewin



 Behaviour shaping
 Interval Schedules
 Id
 Ego
 Super ego

1) Educational psychology and the teacher

What is educational psychology
The role of the teacher that emerges through Educational psychology Show the differences and similarities between psychology and educational psychology Name three uses of educational psychology to the teacher

Prepared by Kamani Siriwardane

Name three teacher roles associated with educational psychology 1. Definition of learning objectives
2. Organizing learning experiences
3. Evaluation of learning


Explain briefly two specific examples from your experience to support that Educational Psychology has been beneficial for you to understand the behaviour of students in your classroom.

2) Child study methods
 Experimental methods
 Non experimental methods
 Observation

 Direct observation
 Indirect observation

Case studies


Write short notes on “Use of...
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