Educational Technology

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Components of Educational Technology

Components of Educational Technology
Elements of a concept map (Spencer 1991, based on Hawkridge 1981) Methods of learning:
cognitive psychology, learning styles, interaction analysis, gaming/simulation, communication theory, linguistics, textual communications, artificial intelligence, information processing. Objectives for learners:

systems theory, epistemology, politics, philosophy, sociology. Evaluation of teaching and learning:
cost-benefit/effectiveness analysis, economics, attitude and opinion research, social psychology, teacher evaluation, content analysis, measurement of learning, psychological measurement, psychology, mathematics and statistics, computing. Environments:

group dynamics, logistics, individualized learning, anthropology. Media for learning:
design, graphics, electronics, engineering, production techniques.

Skills for web-based teaching
What skills for web-based teaching do colleagues already have - and how can they be developed? Word processing:
Conversion of MS Word files to Power Point slide shows
Personal web pages:
Conversion of MS Word files to HTML files (web pages)
Communications with students as individuals and in groups.

Skills for web-based teaching: Power Point
‘technology in education’
How are Power Point slides created?
How can content (text, graphics) be formatted in a Power Point slide? ‘technology of education’
How does teacher sequence material?
How can learner navigate through lesson?
Each slide has a limited capacity for text/graphics.
How does teacher edit information into small chunks?

Skills for web-based teaching: Personal web page
‘technology in education’
How are HTML files created?
How are hyperlinks created?
How are PDF files created?
‘technology of education’
Teaching notes or materials with interactive content?
How does learner navigate within and between files?
How can teacher encourage interaction between learner and...
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