Educational Technology

Topics: 21st century, Technology, Education Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: June 13, 2013
Rolando R. Andaya Sr. Mem. High School

Educational Technology refers to the study of educational tools aim at providing enhancement to learning, this is the utilization of gadgets like videocam, camera, computer software, cellular phone and technological instrument used by teachers in the conduct of the teaching-learning process ultimately aim at improving students’ achievement. This endeavor is essential in developing conceptual and technological awareness and skills of the 21st century learners indispensible in being at par with global competitors .Indeed this attempt has given learning facilitators a formidable back up in the delivery of quality instruction. Teachers’ future in this world of modern educational technology promises a smarter , better and well facilitated learning opportunities among learners and a lighter and more meaningful delivery of instruction among teachers. The maximum utilization of digital lessons in basically all subjects in the public secondary schools would definitely ignite the ever elusive interest of the learners particularly those who have been exposed to orthodox method of chalk and board. The use of LCD Projector using animated and well developed digital lessons would draw enormously the attention of the students. More so with letting them produce their own outputs employing the technology they have learned. Thus the technique will be both beneficial not only among teachers but most importantly among the learners. The saying that a picture speaks a thousand words is seemingly the opposite of the above statement words are the images of things which simply means that things become coherently vivid due to the descriptions attached to them. They become “visible” because of the words that “clothed’ them they become more comprehensible and understood easily by the...
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