Educational Technology and Other Learning Resources

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Educational Technology and Other Learning Resources
One of the biggest concerns that have been aroused in academic sittings is the presentation of appropriate educational resources. Perhaps so, this paper will discuss my understanding of educational resources I have learned reading chapter 11 of Jeremy Harmer 2010. One of the things that I learned from this chapter is that not academies use the same resources to present suitable ideas, facts, and skills that are to develop students’ knowledge of the world or to enhance the inborn abilities of students in field of education. In addition, different means such as projectors, laptop computers, Audio players, electronic whiteboards and overhead screens, textbooks, are used to display arranged teaching information in classrooms all around the world; moreover, I also learned about some other classes that are designed without all these resources. Thus, in this kind of classrooms the instructors simply approach the class, for example, with a picture or He/She can take on students through their own thoughts and experiences that bring from outside the class. In classrooms where instructors design lesson plans based on using simple objects like picture, posters and flash cards, it is critical to consider whether or not students respond effectively. I realized that some students do not respond when they are provided with simple means as teaching materials, because they think that they are being treated childishly. So, it is important to stimulate students’ interest according to what they like to deal with. After reading this chapter, I learned that there is always a better way to project a successful classroom lesson. I was always thinking about the textbooks with large tittles and confusing activities at the end of each chapter. It was not easy for me to think of how I can present or teach this kind of textbooks if I will become a teacher. Now, I learned that a teacher would simply change the activities...
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