Effect of Early Marriage

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Marriage is found in all cultures. However, the word ‘Early Marriage’ brings a whole different meaning to us. Early marriage is marriage at young age. According to GirlsNotBrides (2011), each year, about 10 million girls around the globe become child brides. Whether this phenomenon happens with the consent of the girl herself or not is another different story. For sure, their lives will never be the same again. These cases usually happens in developing countries such as in India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Africa and Nepal. Sadly, early marriage brings nothing but bad effects to young girls. It causes low education level among girls higher risk in mortality and morbidity for the morthers and infants, as well as poverty.

Myers (2011) explained that early marriage affects girls’ education. Once a girl is married but is still of school age, she is assumed to have crossed the verge into adulthood and no longer needs an education is sadly common. Married girls are excluded from continue schooling or to attain education as a personal development to adulthood causing them to be illiterate and unable to improve their lifestyle. School may be reluctant to engage in issue seen as private and family matter, which is one of the many reasons married girls are unable to improve their lives as their level of education is lower than that of man. They are portrayed as domestic providers who are not qualified to make any huge or important decisions in their own family. A study by GirlsNotBrides (2011) found that child brides are almost always forced to leave school when, or before, they get married. They are then forced to work in their in-laws homes besides being forced to bear children while tehy tehmselves are stilol children. These reasons caused them to have no opportunity to get a proper education. Early marriage also can cause higher risk in mortality for the mothers and infants during pregnancy. Young mothers are possibly...

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