Effective Communication

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Language Pages: 6 (1902 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Rose Whitehouse
18/10 /07


Task 1
Make a list (in note form) of some of the techniques you have developed to enable you to communicate effectively with the CYP you work with. OR
Write a brief account of some work you have done in the past two years with a YP who had communication problems,which were not due to a disability. Ensure the YP could not be identified from your account, by changing some personal deatails. Good communication is central to working with children, and young people, It is a fundamental part of the Common Core. It involves listening, questioning, understanding and responding to what is being communicated by the CYP‘. It is important to be able to communicate both on a one-on-one basis and in a group context. Communication is not just about the words I use, but also my manner of speaking, body language and, above all, the effectiveness with which I can listen. To communicate effectively it is important to take account of culture and context, for example where English is an additional language. Effective engagement requires me to involve the CYP’s in the design and delivery of services and decisions that affect them. It is important for me to consult with them and consider their opinions and perspectives from the outset. A key part of my effective communication and engagement is trust, both between the workforce, children and young people. To build a rapport with the CYP’s , I understand that it is important for me to demonstrate understanding, respect and honesty. Continuity in relationships promotes engagement and the improvement of their lives.. * I am always aware that the CYP may not have understood what I have communicated * I Know that communication is a two-way process

* I Know how to listen to people, make them feel valued and involved, and know when it is important to focus on the individual rather than the group. * I am aware of different ways of communicating, including electronic channels, and understand barriers to communication. . * I Know how to report and record information formally and informally in the appropriate way. I listen and build empathy by

* Developing and using effective communication systems that are appropriate to them * I Establish a good rapport and respectful, trusting relationship with the children. I Build a rapport and develop relationships using the appropriate form of communication (for example, spoken language, play, body language). * Communicate effectively with all children.

* I Hold conversations at the appropriate time and place, understanding the value of day to day contact. * I ensure I’m always aware that some children and young people do not communicate verbally and that I would need to adapt my style of communication to meet their needs and abilities. * I Understand the effects of non-verbal communication such as body language, and appreciate that different cultures use and interpret body language in different ways. * I Build open and honest relationships by respecting CYP and make them feel valued * I Actively listen in a calm, open, non-threatening manner and use questions to check understanding and acknowledge that I have heard what is being said. * I Summarise situations in the appropriate way for the individual (taking into account factors such as background, age and personality). * I Explain clearly to the CYP what kind of information I may have to share...
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