Effective Cross Cultural Methods in Managing an Internaional Team

Topics: Management, Cross-cultural communication, Culture Pages: 8 (3224 words) Published: January 10, 2013
This article will follow up cultural differences in business context and approach personal experiences of managing an international team. Main aim is to highlight the likely obstacles when cooperating with employees from different countries of the world and to find possible solutions for problems which are mention in the next paragraphs. Of course, this is not a guaranteed recipe for how to deal with all the crises that may occur in an international team, but it is a personal experience and inspiration for future managers who work in foreign companies. In the first part of this article is described working position and tasks and duties as a interim manager in the strategic consultancy agency F & D Inc. Also there is briefly introduction the members of the team. In the next part It is focused on the business environment and the cultural differences in Latin America, namely Mexico. Furthermore It is brought aspects of cooperation with four employees from four countries and showing the main characteristics of their attitude to work, communication, leadership style and cultural differences in general. In the last part the article summarizes most important insights and some advice about how to lead a mixed team of people. Company F & D Inc. wanted complete the project of expanding to Latin America, namely Mexico in city Monterrey. They wanted to create a working team of capable people who will work as a team, not a group of individuals and who will able to perfectly align all business processes. After many interviews was created team by members from Japan, Sweden, USA and India. All of the employees were very competent and also nice, but how to build a strong team spirit of the people from such different cultural backgrounds? Now It is focused on the business environment in Mexico because the country in which the company operates influences all processes and every single decision. For a Czech manager were first experiences in Mexico very different from those which was gained in Europe. For managers who do not speak fluent Spanish is better to hire the interpreter for first business meetings. It is a good choice because Mexicans speak and negotiate very quickly with a lot of temperament. But is also true that the most business partners are expected to speak Spanish and the managers should try it, because they will let them know that they are interested in developing a longer-term relationship. For Mexican people are most important relationships in business and of course in personal life, it is very typical for Mexicans overlapping relationships with the employees and the boss or staff among themselves in the personal areas. This personal experiences with these illustrate the article from Intercultural Management Guide where the Mexican business culture is described like strongly built on interpersonal relationships. In Mexico it is very common to inquire about personal background, family and interests. And the thing which is really surprising that the most important thing is personal qualities, character and reputation than status of company which the manager represents. Mexico is a country with a relatively high degree of hierarchy and manager needs to have paternalistic attitude to his employees. With these characteristics is related the need of employees to have distinct role in the company. Another point with which a manager working in Mexico has to count is a fluid time culture, that means unwillingness to upset others in order to push through a deadline ("Intercultural Management Guide | management | intercultural | Kwintessential", 2012). For better understanding of Mexican business culture is good to use the Hofstede´s theory of five dimensions in management. The interesting fact is that Hofstede confirmed the hypothesis of an American psychologist Daniel Levinson and sociologist Alex Inkeles and assembled four cultural dimensions that are measured in relation to the other cultures. After half a year in Mexico It...

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