Effective Group Communication Report

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Effective Group Communication Report
Sha’Donna Bailey, Natasha Goffe, Tameka Jones, Shirlene Livingston, & Jamise Shoaf University of Phoenix
Barbara Washington
August 20, 2009

Effective Group Communication Report
Have you ever been in a situation to where you need to communicate effectively but failed to do so based on certain circumstances? Well, team 'A' experienced a communication hurdle in one of our classes. On June 8th 2009, a group of strangers met together at The University of Phoenix in class Gen/200.It was a small class of 12, who all looked somewhat nervous. The instructor began explaining the class and the main subject matter. She then informed us that one of the criteria at this University was that some of our assignments were to be done in teams. Everyone had the same look on their faces, “teams”? But no one knows anyone here, who will be the first to say something. Some expressed they would rather work by themselves, but this was not an option. This may prove to be a disaster. By the second class the instructor had us to mingle amongst each other and brake up into teams. Our group of four ladies felt comfortable enough with each other that we were talking, laughing and telling stories by the end of class. The teams were broken into fours, team A, B and C. We were team A. The syllabus explained there was a team assignment due on week four. On week three, team C was down to one person. Our team decided to let this person on with us. This turned out to be a huge mistake. She came into the team with a” Know it all” attitude. We had already agreed what each members part of the paper would be, but she wanted to do everything. When we tried to have conference calls, she could not make it, when we emailed each other, no response from her. Finally we decided to meet over a member’s house. The morning of the meeting, the new member was 40 minutes late. As we began to work, we told her that one of the members who lived in Palmdale could not make it, for some reason this made her very upset. She was stating that if everyone could not make it and add some input to our assignment, then there name should not be on the paper. The look on our faces showed we were all thinking the same thing, who does she think she is coming into our group trying to take over. We were trying to explain to this member that someone else had also spoken to the member in Palmdale, and later that evening, would call her to update her on what was said. She then began stating what part of the assignment she would be doing, what her strengths and weaknesses were and that her mother was a school teacher and she came from a very educated background. She would not listen when we were explaining how each member would explain their section of the paper and show there explanation with a power point slide. While some of the team sat and listened, others were becoming upset. After all, this person did not start off with us, but she came in trying to run the show. Finally one member said, “This is a group assignment, not an individual one, for this to work all of us will have to be involved and not just one person suggesting everything. After that we began working as a team. The class required three or more classmates to work in teams. Even though a new edition had been appointed to a particular group, we were still expected to work together to reach the designated goal in which we were trying to achieve. Effective communication is a key source in maintaining the wellness and stability of a team.

There are other factors that all members should consider when trying to prevent confusion in the team to non-effective communication. For example, differences in personal characteristics, and the style of conflict demonstrated through those characteristics based on personality is a key factor. Each individual has a style of conflict that they...

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