Effectiveness of Peer Teaching

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Chapter I
The Problem and its Background
English is an essential subject. Aside from the fact that it is a universal language, it can be easily understood by different people. Although it is necessary to study English, most of the students do not like it and would prefer to concentrate on other subjects. Some of the reasons are lack of vocabulary and weak reading comprehension. English subject encompasses stories, essays and other types of literature that are needed to be read. While reading stories, there might be some difficult words that the students may encounter. They might lose their interest to read the story. But English is not only the subject where students use their reading comprehensions, other subjects also requires the said skill. For example, in Mathematics, students must understand and analyze the worded problems in able to calculate and solve them. With this, comprehension plays a vital role in students’ reasoning. Peer teaching might be an aid to solve this problem. With peers as the teachers to the students, they might understand the lessons that they cannot understand from their homeroom teachers. Furthermore, it might expand students’ field of learning to meet more knowledge outside the classroom. Background of the Study

According to Carlos Carrion Torres (www.omniglot.com), English is without a doubt the universal language. Though people have different languages, still, they can communicate with other countries through English language. Nowadays, people are fond of using and speaking English, wherever you look, there are malls, stores, buildings and infrastructures that have signages which are written in English. As well as government and their respective branches uses English in their transactions, documents and files. Newspapers, journals and books are also written in English. These prove that English is a part of our everyday life. Although it is essential, still, some have difficulties in this field particularly the high school freshmen. During their elementary, their teachers used the “mother-tongue” as medium of instruction for students’ convenience in learning. This results to confusion when they reach secondary school. They often encounter English words that they do not know and have not ever heard either. With this, the researchers came up with the idea to peer teach Grade 7 students of Roosevelt College San Mateo to help them enhance their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. This way, the students will have stronger foundation for their studies and at the same time, the researchers will gain experience which will eventually serve as an aid for their college life. Theoretical/Conceptual Framework

According to Mike Evans, a contributor on eHow.Com, the cognitive factors that shape reading development include attention, the ability to form concepts, language, memory, and perception. A change in any of these factors will cause a change in a person's ability to read. Generally, as a child develops, he will progress through a number of reading benchmarks. For example, by around age 7, children should be able to read and retell familiar stories, sound out unfamiliar words, and use some punctuation. By age 10, children should be able to identify correct restatements of the same idea, extract specific information, and compare and contrast information. By age 13, children should be able to make inferences from the text, follow technical directions based on the reading, and identify themes. To ensure that a child develops her reading ability in a normal way, a number of practices must be implemented. Parents must read to their children at an early age. Teachers must be trained in various methods of reading instruction to ensure that every child's needs are met. Reading materials must be age-appropriate to ensure that the child is challenged but not discouraged by too much difficulty. Since students are encountering problems about their reading comprehension, the researchers...

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