Effects of Broken Marriage to Children

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Effects of Broken Marriage to Children


Marie Julianne I. Reyes


Generally, most broken marriages are the result of domestic violence in the home, particularly men abused their wives physically and emotionally, and if are children are involved in the marriage, it means they all experience the situation and then, imagine the suffering they had to go through before the marriage finally leads to break up. All these affects the children negatively and often makes them feel unhappy, especially as it as involves detention battle, it’s as if the parent are fighting over the children. As divorce proceeds and it is time for realism. The way the children survive depends on how the parents handled the divorce proceedings. The more stressful, the harder it will be for the children.

From time to time, even when the divorce proceeding was less stressful, the children will suffer emotionally and otherwise and this in turn tends to affect their academic words. In a situation, where by the children love both parents very much makes the divorce even more difficult for them. They have to make a decision to follow one of the parents, either the mother or the father, though, they don’t even know which of them to follow or side without causing sorrow to the other one.

Children from Broken Marriage, always have poor results due to the fact that they do not have happy home and there’s no atmosphere for reading. Since they are not always happy, they think a lot about their family.

Statement of the Problem
This term paper seeks to discuss how and why does husband and wife got to the point of separation and how it affects their children. The following questions will answer it: 1. What should couples do before deciding to end a marriage? 2. What are the factors that cause Broken Marriage?

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