Effects of Imperialism DBQ

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Effects of Imperialism

Imperialism is the policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, new imperialism was spreading all over and was a progressive force for both the oppressors and the oppressed when it came to stereotypes and economic success. However, it made the oppressors spread their culture and achievements while the oppressed learned from the Europeans and were continuously put down with the whites thinking it was their job to make them civilized.

During this time of new imperialism spreading, many stereotypes and were made and people were judged. This can be proved by documents 3,4, and 6. Document 3 is most likely made from the point of view of an English cartoonist because it biased against the African and Chinese people pulling the Englishman, saying that the lowly people pulling the man is the civilized way of doing it around there. This gives the idea that Asians and Africans were not considered civilized and were thought of to be used to cater to the needs of a superior race. Document 4 was most likely written from the point of view of an African slave and was biased against white men. He talks about white men like they were all the same and once they got involved with the imperialism they all ruined once good things. A British Imperialist in Africa biased toward the British wrote document 6. It says that the British are the best and most honorable humans in the world and that they are superior to the Africans. This gave them the stereotype that they think that they are better than everyone else. Also, from imperialism came economic success for both the oppressors and the oppressed. This can be proved by documents 1, 2, and 5. Parker T. Moore, a man studying the effects of imperialism writes document 1 and there seems to be no bias because he is just stating faces. He brings up the fact that imperialism is necessary for the economy of a certain...
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