Effects of using IPads or Tablets on Children’s Reading Comprehension

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Effects of using IPads or Tablets on Children’s Reading Comprehension

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Background of the study
Reading is often difficult for high school students with special needs. Participation, motivation, and interest in independent reading are low. Reading is an important part of everyday life and is imperative to students’ success in school. Many high school students that struggle in reading do not enjoy it and even have negative associations with reading. Cultivating an interest in reading among grade school students is valuable. Providing students with a variety of options is one way to encourage independent reading. The ability to use technology as a means of reading is one way to provide a different option to students. Technology is an integral part of our lives and can contribute greatly to education. Many schools are beginning to use iPads/Tablets as a way to integrate technology into the curriculum. These devices can be used for a variety of purposes in educational settings. There are several tools that make reading on an iPad easier for struggling readers. Students can change the size of the text by zooming to show larger text which reduces the amount of text on the screen. This can be valuable for students that are intimidated by the length of what they are being asked to read. Students can also easily access the definition of a word they don’t know through the interactive dictionary. This is extremely convenient for students that would not normally make the effort to look up an unfamiliar word in the dictionary. Another helpful feature is the ability to highlight and take notes on the iPad. Students can be guided as to what they should highlight as a comprehension strategy. Grade school students enjoy using technology and this can be a motivational factor.

1.2 The Review of Previous Research
Studies from different parts of the world have also conducted studies regarding of the effects of using Ipads/Tables in children reading comprehension. Some of the results of the previous studies increase the number of student’s performance in reading using Ipads or tablets. This can be supported by the articles in chapter 2.

1.3 The Gap or Missing Information
Researches done on the use of ipads and tables were focus on games. But there is a lack of studies regarding of use of Ipads or tablets in children’s reading comprehension.

1.4 Objectives of the Study
In order to know what are the effects of using Ipads/Tablets in children reading Comprehension, the following are the objectives of the study. To determine if using gadgets such as Ipads or tablets can improve the reading skills of a student To determine if the a student can independently read a book

To find out if choices of reading materials affects the reading comprehension of the student To determine if the Ipads/Tablets can use as a tool to students who has reading disorders

1.5 Significance of the Study
This study aims to comply with the requirements of the course, Methods of Research and to contribute to the following entities: Children who are in grade 6 to 1st year level
This study will address the possible effects of using ipad/tablets in children’s reading comprehension. The parents or guardians of concerned subjects
This will help the parents or guardians on how to deal with their children’s reading disorders. Since the parents know their children better.

The teachers and schools
This study will help them improve their teaching skills and how to innovate the way of teaching using ipads or tablets.

1.6 Scope and Limitation
The respondents of the study will be from Manila, Philippines. With the age of 12 and below. The data gathering from 100 respondents will only be from June to July of 2013. The survey will be given to children who use ipads/tablets.


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