EHT4 5 Task 4 Lesson Plan

Topics: Educational psychology, Learning, Summative assessment Pages: 7 (2338 words) Published: January 24, 2015
Name: Tammie G. McDaniels
WGU Task Objective Number: EHT4/5 602.4.21 - 03


Lesson Title & Subject(s): Hootie the Phonics Owl

Topic or Unit of Study: Phonics/Integrated Visual Arts

Grade/Level: Elementary Grades 1-5

Instructional Setting:
Special needs self-contained classroom of nine students. Students will be seated at a large rectangular table. Students will participate in constructing their own owl puppet.

(e.g., group size, learning context, location [classroom, field trip to zoo, etc.], seating arrangement, bulletin board displays)


Your State Core Curriculum/Student Achievement Standard(s):
Creating Works of Visual Art

Standard 1: The student will demonstrate competence in the use of ideas, materials, techniques, and processes in the creation of works of visual art. Indicators

VA1-1.1 Use his or her own ideas in the creation of works of visual art. VA1-1.2 Identify and describe the materials, techniques, and processes used in a variety of works of visual art. VA1-1.3 Use a variety of materials, techniques, and processes to create works of visual art. VA1-1.4 Use all art materials and tools in a safe and responsible manner.

Go to your State Office of Education Website, Core Curriculum Achievement Standards. Highlight, copy and paste the specific standard(s) this lesson will focus on (include any identifying numbers with text).

Lesson Goal(s):

Write a statement that describes the overall purpose of the lesson; in other words, write a general statement that describes what you expect students to know or be able to do at the conclusion of the lesson.

Lesson Objective(s):
Your objective(s) should align with the knowledge and skills taught as well as with the assessment chosen for this task. All learning objectives must include a Specific Behavior (e.g., Action; what the students will do-use a verb), Condition (e.g. how students will do it) with Measurable Criteria (e.g. minimum percent to demonstrate mastery-use numbers). Lesson objectives should also be Attainable (realistic outcome of this individual lesson) and Relevant (aligned with the target core curriculum/student achievement standard listed for this lesson).


Instructional Materials:
Materials needed for the lesson (e.g., textbook, construction paper, scissors, PowerPoint, guided note templates)

List supplementary information and/or places where you found information for the lesson in APA format


Sequence of Instructional Procedures/Activities/Events (provide description and indicate approximate time for each):

1. Identification of Student Prerequisite Knowledge and/or Skills: (e.g., What do students already need to know or do to be successful in this lesson? Include skills learned from lessons previously taught in prior standards, anticipatory set, development of schema, formation of connections to previous learning, review of definitions/terms, explanation of the purpose of this lesson)

2. New Knowledge and/or Skills To Be Taught:
(e.g., presentation of learning objective, term definitions, concepts, processes and/or approaches)

3. Modeling: I Do
(e.g. show it, teacher demonstration/explanation of process)

4. Guided Practice: We Do
(e.g., active learning engaging all students, teacher supported, scaffolding, check for student understanding – including any questions to ask or anticipate from students)

5. Independent Student Practice: You Do
(e.g., engaging all students in practicing what will be assessed based on the objective, teacher monitored, check for student understanding)

6. Culminating or Closing Procedure/Activity/Event:
(e.g., review terms, concepts, and/or learning process; identification of learning objective(s) met in this lesson, establish connections to...
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