Embedding Functional Skills in Education

Topics: Learning, Calculation, Mathematics Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: May 24, 2012
At the start of my teaching, I never used to embed functional skills as much as I do now. My previous observations showed that I needed to embed more functional skills in the lessons to allow the lessons to be more effective, and in order to fulfil the requirements. I took this into consideration and looked at the different ways in which functional skills can be embedded in the lessons. I came to learn that as a teacher it was my responsibility to plan work that gives learners the opportunity to develop and apply functional skills in the right context. In my lessons I now try my best to embed functional skills as I feel that these are important, and since I mainly teach ESOL ICT, I am already teaching the basics of ICT in the actual lessons and my key areas that I need embed functional skills are English and Mathematics. I have two classes which are Functional skills in ICT for ESOL learners. I have one other class which is solely ESOL. The advantage of embedding functional skills in my lessons is that it enables the learners to be able to effectively deal with practical problems and also challenges their ability to do things. Functional skills are essential, as it allows the learners to be able to recognise good value deals. The usefulness to this is that functional skills allow other areas to be tackled in any given task or a problem, and this essentially means that the learner is able to draw up on a range of skills that can be used in a given task or a situation, allowing them to apply those skills in a range of different contexts. One of the examples that can be given here for good value deals is that in my ICT lessons, I was teaching spreadsheets, and as you know spreadsheet allows one to be able to calculate calculations using formulas, so no real calculations are carried out mentally/using a calculator. Now, in order to check their understanding I get my learners to carry out a simple method to see whether they are able to calculate expenses. So in...
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