Enchanted Kingdom Case (Mktg. Mix)

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Enchanted Kingdom offers a variety of rides and attractions that is different to other theme parks, recreational parks, and other local carnival operators. It has 7 theme zones with 21 different rides and attractions, food outlets, specialty stores and videogame centers. Price

Prices may vary depending on the type of package visitors are going to purchase. There are two kinds of School package, first is the Edutainment. It is a guided tour of the park, where the students travel around the place while acquiring knowledge from various topics in Math, Science and History. The cost rate of this package depends on the type of school; for Public Schools (Pre-school to High School), tickets are priced at P150 (student) and P180 (parent) from Wednesdays to Thursdays, P200 (student) and P220 (parent) from Fridays to Sundays, with a maximum of 50 students good for a whole day trip – for every 25 paying students, one who Free of Charge (FOC). Private School Rate (Pre-school to College Level) are as follows: P180 (student) and P180 (parent) from Wednesdays to Thursdays, P250 (student) and P270 (parent) from Fridays to Sundays, with a maximum of 30 students good for a whole day trip – for every 10 paying students, one who Free of Charge (FOC). The second package is the Discover EK Pass, where EK experience is the main part of the trip. There are 3 choices to choose from for a minimum of 50 students; EK2, EK4 and Special EK4. The price rate of EK2 is P140 (student) and P160 (parent) from 3-5 pm, P160 (student) and P180 (parent) from 1-5 pm for EK4, both can be enjoyed every Wednesdays and Thursdays. For Special EK 4 price rates are P180 (student) and P200 (parent) for 5 hours during Fridays and Saturdays. For every 50 paying students, one is FOC (Pre-school to High School). Another package is the Travel Agent’s Package. For 1-299 Pax there are 2 complimentary tickets per 15 paying guests, 3 complimentary tickets for a Pax of 300-499, 4 for 500-799 Pax and 5 for 800...
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