Enchanted Kingdom: the Magic Stays Here

Topics: Marketing, Amusement park, Philippines Pages: 4 (1032 words) Published: January 29, 2013
I. Case Overview

Enchanted Kingdom (EK) is the pioneer theme park in the country, boasting seven fantastic theme zones, and imported rides and attractions. An “imported” theme park image was the primary marketing point in the conceptualization of Enchanted Kingdom. With class AB as its target market, the park invested heavily on resources to make it meet international standards, rides were imported from abroad and crew are trained from Disney, USA.

However, due to the precarious economic conditions prevailing in the late 1997 onwards, the company deferred its expansion plans. The growing popularity of shopping malls, movie houses, etc… had also become a challenge in maintaining park attendance. New marketing strategies should be considered in order for the park to be viable and to be able to expand further. 

II. Situational Analysis

Enchanted Kingdom is a theme and amusement park located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines. It is approximately 26 kilometers (16.1 miles) from Manila and has a land area of 16.6 hectares. Enchanted Kingdom is a proud member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. It also got accredited with the International Theme Park Inc. to ensure that it complied with international safety standards. Aside from its 21 rides and attractions, all of which were imported from the United States, Germany, and Japan, there were a variety of food outlets, specialty shops and video games centers.

Moreover, all the crewmembers working in the theme park received “service” training from Disney, USA. One of EK's main problems was to level out the demand throughout the year. Marketing strategy was formulated and implemented during lean months to address the issue, but another challenges rose during those months. Another thing also was the insufficiency of their major attractions and rides.

III. Problem Identification

Due to the precarious economic conditions prevailing in late 1997 onwards, the company...
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