Engineering Science Assignment

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Assignment 2 Question
What is the role of engineering science in solving engineering problems?

Engineering is about ensuring the health, happiness and safety of our planet's future. Engineers are at the centre of inventing creative solutions to address these challenges head-on. Now and in the future, engineers will play a vital role in finding solutions to many of the important issues facing us today, such as global warming, energy supplies, clean water, food shortages, transport, obesity, healthcare and the ageing population. Although engineers use science and math to design or create solutions to real world problems, engineering is not really considered a science. Science is about discovering and understanding the natural, whereas engineering is about inventing, designing and implementing the artificial.

Engineering is based principally on physics, chemistry, and mathematics and their extensions into materials science, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, transfer and rate processes, and systems analysis. Engineers employ two types of natural resources, materials and energy. Materials acquire uses that reflect their properties: their strength, ease of fabrication, lightness, or durability; their ability to insulate or conduct; and their chemical, electrical, or acoustical properties. Important sources of energy include fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, gas), wind, sunlight, falling water, and nuclear fission.

Let us take a moment to think about some things we use in our everyday life: Buildings, bridges, roads, highways and traffic lights, vehicles (buses, cars, planes and water ferries), computers and other electronic devices, none of them came into existence without engineers. We wouldn’t have been able to drive to work, check our facebook status or even use the elevators at our work places. Engineering science is used to solve problems and improve our world Problems like making your alarm go off on time or making sure your toothpaste has just...

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