Topics: Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Chronological time justifies the theme of change in Pride and Prejudice; Austen has organised transformations in feelings of love, hate, trust and betrayal according to the episodic structure of the novel. The structural layout of the novel is substantial as it links to the changes in opinions and judgements; hence, distinction between the characters is introduced at the start of the novel in order to create a significant impact when attitudes begin to mutate. Elizabeth’s hatred for Darcy is defined shortly after the epigram, she prejudged him based on his social status and first impressions. Darcy underestimated Jane’s love for Bingley and assumed she was searching for social stability, established on Mrs Bennet foolishness. Whickam (who acts like a foil- reveals half truths about Darcy to Elizabeth) betrayed Darcy with his failed efforts to elope with his sister Georgiana, and repeated this procedure a second time by luring Lydia into his arms which resulted in a forced marriage. And Mr Bennet learned to tolerate the credulous behaviour of his wife. Throughout the course of the novel framing devices such as letters are used as an Epistolary form to speed up the plot. In addition to acting as a catalyst, they assist in exposing another characters perspective of the situation which helps the readers to obtain additional insight in to the novel. For example, in Chapter 46 Elizabeth receives a letter from Jane during her stay at Lambton, “something occurred of a most unexpected and serious nature” Another way in which the readers gain an insight, is the use of Austen’s protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet. The novel is told predominantly through her eyes as she is frequently used as the key focaliser, the readers are aided in this sense because they can build a connection or bond with her by grasping her personal feelings, reactions and private opinions towards any situation. On the other hand they are limited because they are only shown one biased perception of the...
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