English as a Universal Language

Topics: Educational psychology, Cognition, Metacognition Pages: 130 (33547 words) Published: October 31, 2012
I would like to express my deepest and sincerest gratitude to my advisor, Dr. Ling-zu Yang, for her support, guidance, and expert advice which enabled this thesis to be a worthwhile challenge and accomplishment. Her patience, encouragement, and understanding help

me solve all the difficulties and obstacles throughout the process. My sincere appreciations are expressed to Dr. Hsiu-hsiu Yang and Dr. Su-jin Shih for their valuable suggestions to refine my thesis. I also

extend my thanks to Dr. Bi-cyong Su for her reviewing my research proposal and for her valuable suggestions and feedback. I would like to extend my appreciation to Mr. Jing-siang Lin, the my school, for his providing me with a room to concentrate on my thesis writing; Ms. Shu-cing Zeng, the former Director of Academic Affairs at my school, for her arranging the classes to help me finish my experiments; and Ms. Yu-jhen Wu, the present Director of Academic Affairs, for her considerateness to spare me a lot of administrative jobs at school. Last but not least, I wish to offer my deepest gratitude to my dear wife. Without her tolerance, this thesis would be impossible. at


論文名稱:國中生英語口語學習策略與口語能力之相關性研究 校所組別:高雄師範大學英語系教學碩士班 畢業時間:九十四學年度第二學期 指導教授:楊玲珿 研究生 :陳友欽 博士

論文提要內容: 本論文旨在研究國中高低成就組學生在英語口語能力之差異性,並探 討英語口語能力與讀寫能力之相關性,並探討國中生英語口語學習策略與 口語能力之相關性。 參加本次實驗對象為屏東縣光春國中一年級新生共計二班,73 名學 生。經篩選後,有效樣本為 60 名,依其口語能力分為高成就組與低成就 組。測驗內容採自南一書局出版之英語課本第二冊。測驗方式則採用紙 筆、口語、與線上做答。本研究主要發現如下: 高、低成就組間之口語能力呈現顯著差異。 高、低成就組之口語能力與讀寫能力呈現顯著相關性。 高、低成就組之口語學習策略之使用類別及頻率亦有所差異。 最後,本實驗建議英語教師應注重學生之口語能力培養,加強學生 學習策略使用之訓練,而教師本身亦須對口語培養採取正面態度,重視 語言之溝通功能,並訓練及培養學生成為自動自發之學習者。 ii


The major focus of this study is on the subjects’ language learning strategy adoption and the development of their oral abilities. aspects are discussed in this study. Three

The first aspect is to examine the The

disparity between the high-achievers’ and low-achievers’ oral abilities. second aspect is to examine the correlations between the subjects’ oral abilities and written abilities.

The third aspect is to scrutinize students’

preferences for language learning strategies concerning their cultivation of oral skills. The subjects of this study were 73 seventh-grade students from Guangchun Junior High School. In the end, 60 of them successfully

finished all the tests and were divided into High-achiever Group (HG) and Low-achiever Group (LG) according to their scores on the two oral tests. Later, the subjects’ scores of the two oral tests and the three written mid-term tests were examined. The materials for the oral tests and the

written tests were Book Two of the English textbooks published by Nan-I Publisher. The textbooks were the common materials in both the

conversation class and the regular class. A questionnaire was also designed to understand students’ adoption of language learning strategies in promoting their oral abilities. questionnaire was answered on line. Students’ responses to the The

questionnaire were presented in percentage on the basis of the three major learning strategies and the subcategories within the three major strategies. The findings of this study are as follows: (1) There existed a significant difference in the subjects’ oral abilities iii

between the HG and the LG in both the oral tests. (2) Students who were proficient at oral skills were also adept at written skills. (3) The strategy adoption between the HG and the LG differed in the numbers and types. Finally, it is suggested that English teachers should put emphasis on the development of students’ oral skills and the training of learning strategies. Teachers also have to take a positive attitude toward students’

cultivations of oral skills and value the communicative function of language. It is essential and important for teachers to cultivate

autonomous learners.


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