Environmental Importance

Topics: Educational psychology, Down syndrome, Mental retardation Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Why is environmental analysis important?

Analyzing a child’s previous and current environment can give professions an understanding if the child has any environmental impacts that can contribute to having an intellectual disability. A qualitative analysis for this nature is also important for those who are already diagnosed as a way to see if the chosen services are beneficial for everyone involved. As stated in chapter 1, only 20% of intellectual disabilities are caused by biomedical factors. For the remaining 80%, the actual cause is uncertain. There has been a speculation for the remaining to be caused by the environment because the incidence for intellectual disabilities is higher for people with low socio-economic backgrounds (Drew & Hardman, 2007). The high percentage of environmental speculations can make it seem clear to people that the probability of someone becoming diagnosed with intellectual disabilities that do not have visible genetic defects, is very possible. Therefore, targeting a child in this situation as having an intellectual disability from the influences of poverty is normal. However, taking cultural differences into account before an assessment is highly important. Before establishing an assessment, professionals need to consider questions like, “How does culture and history affect an English learner’s development” and “how does a family’s legal status or reason for immigration affect a child’s success in school” (Drew & Hardman, 2007). When a professional takes cultural differences into account before an assessment, he or she demonstrates that an environmental analysis is only important when done with quality. With an analysis of this kind, diverse students will not be bothered with the label of having an intellectual disability but to gain help to develop their skills. While working at an emergency homeless shelter with children, I have observed social workers help women cope with the anxiety of becoming pregnant within...
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