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Topics: Africa, African American, Slavery Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: April 1, 2014
While reading about Equiano Olaudah and what he had been through really helped me understand how strong and smart he was, and in the end he represented Africans and make them proud because back then I’m sure it was hard for Africans to show people/whites who they are and what they are capable of, and Equiano showed people that Africans are more than just slaves. He represented Africans by his desire for freedom while he was in slavery, also his desire to educate himself while he was in slavery, another way he really represents the Africans is with his identity.

While being in slavery for almost his whole youth life, he always had the desire to be free, he knew that one day he was going to be a free colored man and that thought kept him fighting through those years in slavery. Even while Equiano was in slavery he worked very hard for his master, and his master appreciated that and he gave him different opportunities that helped him save up for his freedom life. Even though back in his time if you were a colored man you were treated horribly but Equiano took advantage of his masters kindness and worked hard. But, Equiano didn’t want to live as a slave for the rest of his life and his savings were looking good so he decided that he would escape the slavery life.

Equiano also was a very smart man, while doing some research and reading about him I realized that nothing stopped him or even scared him either. From the moment he was taken to slavery education and freedom were his daily mantra. He took what he could from the people around him, picking up new dialects and languages, learning everything possible that would help him in his new free life. He faced him problems and didn’t run from them and I think that all Africans saw that and it made them stronger. If Equiano went through slavery and all of that horrible stuff then I think that made them realize that they were worth something more, and seeing Equiano com out as a winner opened many people’s eyes and...
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