Essay for Why Britain Control 1/4 of the world

Topics: United Kingdom, British Empire, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 4 (1080 words) Published: November 24, 2013
IGCSE History Key Stage 3

Why did Britain Control ¼ of the World in 1900?

Jessica Sunardi
8 Grade, Team Not Hitler
SoW Unit 16 (Week 10)
04 October, 2013

Jessica Sunardi
Richard Lancaster – Shanks
History 8A
04 October 2013

Why Britain Control ¼ of the world in 1900?
Down in the olden times in the 15th and the 16h century, Britain, Scottish, Wales and Ireland has its own country(individual) and Kingdoms. However that time Britain were often colonized by the Netherlands, France and other country in the eastern side of the European country. Afterwards Britain assumes that if they merge with other country nearby them (such as the Scottish and Wales, and Ireland) they can be a strong country and they can defeat those countries that colonize them. They then began creating a personal union between the Britain Kingdom and the Scottish Kingdom, to strengthen the country in order to compete with the other countries. By 1 May 1707, the Kingdom of Britain and the Kingdom of Scottish merge together in a political union and form the Great Britain which is then be approve by the British and Scottish Parliament. After Great Britain is formed, there comes the Industrial Revolution. During the Industrial Revolution, enormous changes happen to Great Britain. Their country become the strongest country, the farming system became better, they have advance manufactures, the empire expands and the areas widens, they have abundant supply of resources, and they also have many workers.

From my point of view about Why Britain wants to control ¼ countries in the world is because of the political reason. Basically it is because they want to take money, resources, from other countries to provide and expand their empire more. The bigger the areas they have, the more resources, slaves, and money needed to make sure they have everything they need to sufficient the areas. Especially during the Industrial Revolution, they were introduce to machines, and they need raw...

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