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Topics: Cannabis, Legality of cannabis by country, Law Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: March 12, 2014

U.S. Government

Legalization of Marijuana
Marijuana should be made legal in the state of Ohio. Not only will this help alleviate petty misdemeanors, but it will produce unbelievable amounts of tax dollars for the state. The bottom line is kids and adults will smoke marijuana if it legal or not. The legalization of marijuana will allow for the government to have a monitor of how many users there are, instead of speculating. There are some cons, such as underage users, or people driving while high, but this happens regardless of the legality, therefore, marijuana should be made legal. The pros are significant, such as the use of a pain medication to help those coping with serious problems or illnesses. There are also no deaths recorded based on sole use or overdose of marijuana, which is why it should be legal if cigarettes and alcohol are. The term ‘drug’ scares people, but when patients are in the hospital or even at an over the counter pharmacy, they are given drugs to help them. Serious drugs such as narcotics, like morphine, are even given to patients to help them. Marijuana is much less dangerous than other legal consumables, proves to be a money making item, and will help those in need of the drug.

First off, the legalization should happen, because if other states have it legalized for RECREATIONAL use, then using it for medical purposes should be tolerated by all states. The voters should realize that wherever one will go, marijuana will still be marijuana, and if it is legal somewhere, it still has the same effects if it was smoked in a state that hasn’t legalized it. If it is legalized, it is not as if someone is forcing everyone to use marijuana, it is still each person’s personal choice, just as drinking is. This is a reason why it should be legalized. No one is forcing others to do it, and it is solely a personal decision and an activity you do not have to take part in. It is a bit hypocritical by the government to allow some to smoke it,...

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