Essay on Slavery Throughout Time

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Slavery throughout History

One might describe money as being stored up labor; therefore to make money you must simply labor. This is how industries all around the world have made money, by paying workers to labor. However if you could have your workers labor for no pay then you yourself would essentially be making free money. The appeal of this free money is why slavery has been a predominant trend throughout history. It doesn’t matter what the labor is but, there are three main types of slavery that have been present in the world and those are labor slaves, war slaves, and trafficking slaves. I predict that slavery will continue to exist in the future because the appeal of free money it is too great, wars will bring with it war slaves, humans have a natural sex drive which means there will be a steady need for trafficking, and because there will continue to be people who believe they are above other humans.

The greatest account of slavery for simply labor and free money without the presence of war is the African slave trade that existed in the early Americas. Europeans would sail to Africa and bring over boat loads of African people to the Caribbean and the colonies in North America, where they were forced to labor. They would be bought by people and then would usually end up Rydalch 2

working on a plantation. The plantations would have them do a variety of tasks. The slaves would be beaten and lived in horrible conditions, some would try and escape and others would not because of the fear they had of being caught.

This type of slavery of enslaving innocent people and forcing them to labor rarely exists in today’s world. In most first world countries there are laws that prevent this from happening but there may be rare occasions in other parts of the world in which this happens. The reason that slavery such as this is so appealing is mainly because of the wealth that it can bring you. It can put you in a more prestigious class without actually...
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