Euro Disney Case

Topics: Cross-cultural communication, United States, Geert Hofstede Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: September 25, 2014
In-Depth Integrative Case 2.1a, Euro Disneyland

1. Using Hofstede’s four cultural dimensions as a point of reference, what are some of the main cultural differences between the United States and France?

Some of the main cultural differences according to Hofstede’s are that France has a high power distance meaning that in these countries people blindly obey the orders of their superiors. In contrast of the United States, which have a lower power distance meaning, that they have lower strata of the workforce but often with highly qualified people.

Another Difference is the Uncertainty Avoidance both countries have. For example, France has a strong Uncertainty Avoidance, meaning that their cultures have a great deal of structuring of organizational activities, more written rules, less risk taking by managers, lower labor turnover, and less ambitious employees. Unlike the United States culture that has a weak Uncertainty Avoidance meaning that these cultures are more willing to accept risks associated with the unknown that life must go on in spite of this.

As the last difference according to Hofstede’s is the principle of Masculinity, that consist of countries that their dominant values in society are success, money, and things. This principle applies to the United States. As for France, they have a Femininity principle meaning that their dominant values in society is to care for others and quality of life.

2. In what way has Trompenaar’s research helped explain cultural differences between the United States and France?

As for Trompenaar’s research both countries are high in Universalism meaning that the focus is more on formal rules than on relationships, business contract are adhered to very closely, and people believe that a deal is a deal. The difference among the countries begins with the High Individualism for the United States. This views people regarding themselves as individuals. For Individualism people ideally achieve things...
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