Evaluation of Educational Testings

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Learning Activity 4 – Evaluation of Educational Tests

Part 1: Description
A. Title of the test: School Motivation and Learning Strategies Inventory B. Acronym used: SMALSI
C. Authors: Stroud, Kathy Chatham & Reynolds, Cecil R.
D. Publisher: Western Psychological Services
E. Year of publication: 2006
F. Intended grade/age level of use: Ages 8-12, 13-18
G. Intended purpose: To measure strategies students actively employ in learning and test taking H. Test category: Study skills
I. Description of test components: A manual, test forms for child and teen, profile sheets for child and teen, scoring template for child and teen, audio CD, and handbook. Part II. Mental Measurements Yearbook

A. Yearbook number: 18
B. Summary of test review by Christine Novak & Claudia Wright: The School Motivation and Learning Strategies Inventory (SMALSI) is a self-report tool designed to determine student performance across a comprehensive set of behaviors representing learning strategies, academic motivation, and test-taking. SMALSI is written at a third grade reading level and can be administered to students individually or in a group. SMALSI is intended to be used with school-aged youth and can be used in the general education or special education classroom. Scoring is straightforward and uses scale rather total scores in order to easily examine areas of strength and weakness. According to Claudia Wright, the SMALSI is a useful tool for school personnel to identify discrete skills that may boost achievement following intervention Part III. Publisher’s Website

A. Publisher’s website for this test: http://www.wpspublish.com/store/Search?Q=School%20Motivation%20and%20Learning%20Strategies%20Inventory%E2%84%A2%20(SMALSI%E2%84%A2) B. Overview of pricing:

1. $267.50 per complete kit including manual, 25 child test forms, 25 child profile sheets, child scoring template, 25 teen test forms, 25 teen profile sheets, teen scoring template, audio CD, and handbook. 2. $191.50 per child or teen kit including manual, 25 test forms and 25 profile sheets (specify child or teen), scoring template (specify child or teen), audio CD, and handbook. 3. $43 per 25 test forms, $40 per scoring template, $34.50 per 100 profile sheets (specify child or teen), $19.50 per audio CD, $63 per manual, and $453 per scoring CD C. From the publisher’s website:

1. Provide quick cost-effective way to identify and target poor learning strategies that affect academic performance 2. Screen individuals or groups in 20-30 minutes
3. Available in Spanish (separate norms not available)
4. Related products: Learning Styles Inventory (LSI), Achievement Motivation Profile (AMP), Wide Range Achievement Test 4 (WRAT4), Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales (RIAS) Part IV: Evaluation – Based on my research of School Motivation and Learning Strategies Inventory (SMALSI), I would consider purchasing this product. Evidence of content validity and reliability (internal consistency) was presented. The administration and scoring of the test is fairly easy and not time consuming. SMALSI is also affordably priced. Part 1: Description

A. Title of the test: Functional Assessment of Academic Behavior B. Acronym used: FAAB
C. Authors: Ysseldyke, James & Christenson, Sandra
D. Publisher: Sopris West
E. Year of publication: 1987-2002
F. Intended grade/age level of use: Grades PreK – 12
G. Intended purpose: To evaluate learners in context and address needed instructional, home, and home-school supports for learning H. Test category: Behavior
I. Description of test components: Instructional Environment Checklist, Instructional Needs Checklist, Parental Experience With Their Children's Learning and Schoolwork, Intervention Documentation Record, Observation Record, Student Interview Record, Teacher Interview Record, Parent Interview Record, Supplemental Teacher Interview Questions, Supplemental Student Interview...
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