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Topics: Educational psychology, Bar chart, World map Pages: 3 (738 words) Published: August 26, 2012
In this paper five different educational resources that are appropriate for a diverse student population are selected which are given below 1. Multi-media files (e.g., software programs, multi-media kits) 2. Audio (e.g., CD, podcast, cassette)

3. Video (e.g., DVD, video clips)
4. Graphical representations (e.g., charts, graphs, diagrams) 5. Maps
The above five real educational resources might be used in a third-grade classroom. The matrix is given below which provides an evaluation of the effectiveness of the selected resources for each of the following categories: 1. Early childhood*

2. Learning disabled
3. Hearing impaired
4. Gifted and talented
5. Visually impaired
6. Behaviorally challenged
In the column under each category, X is marked for those that are recommended for classroom use and an O for those that are not recommended. Category ResourcesEarly ChildhoodLearning DisabledHearing ImpairedGifted/ TalentedLimited SightBehaviorally ChallengedESL/ Multicultural ChartBar chartX0XX0XX

Multimedia pptX0XX0XX
VideoVideo clips of cartoonsXXXX0XX
AudioC.D of poemsXX0XXXX
MapWorld MapX0XX0X0

Rationale for Chart (Bar chart)
In the early childhood, talented, behaviorally challenged, hearing impaired and multicultural students the educational resource like charts is recommended because students will be able to : •Define bar chart, data, title, scale point label, scale and line. •Identify the elements of a bar chart.(Wang et.al, 2008)

Understand information from bar chart. (Marseken et.al, 2010) But in students which are learning disabled and limited sight the educational resource like charts is not recommended because the students will not be able to: •Understand the bar chart (learning disabled)

When student cannot see the chart how can they understand (limited sight)

Rationale for Multimedia
In the early childhood, talented, behaviorally challenged, hearing...
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