Exam a necessary Evil

Topics: Educational psychology, Education, Test Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: November 22, 2013
EXAMS– A Necessary Evil??
It was my friends birthday party and as usual mom didn’t allow me to go. Guess why?? Not hard to figure out , is it? Exams………….. The whole year it’s been the same story. If someone breathes out the word ‘exam’ near me, I’ll scream ‘’EEAARGH’’. Hello everyone, good evening!

I’m sick of exams, they take the joy out of our lives. Mom always says, “ Exams will happen only this year but your friend will have her birthday again next year.” Oh sure!!! She will have her birthday!!! And she will invite me again!!! But again there would be another exam that time. It goes without saying that I didn’t go for the birthday party of any of my friends birthday….. and here I am at the study table. I called my friend Tanishqa to tell my sob story. Fortunately or unfortunately, she was also sailing in the same boat. Oh God!!!!! Is this fair?? I don’t know whether to blame the exams or the moms. I would rather blame the exams because, they will not shout back at us. I really envy my friend Ananya who stays cool even during the exam days. Last week, I called her to check whether she’s prepared for the Social test the next day. She said cheerfully, “YAHOOOO my preparation for the test is over. Pen , Pencil , Eraser, Scale everything is ready. Now only one thing is left……. studying……….”. I wish I could be like her. Written examinations only test whether you know things, they cannot assess whether or not you can apply it. They reward children’s ability to memorize and vomit what they’ve memorized even if they don’t understand the concepts.

They provide no opportunity to assess a student's talents and abilities which manifest themselves in different forms.

The society has made the word "exam" way too important, thus creating a lot of stress for the students, the parents and even the teachers.

Though newer and more effective methods of assessing students have evolved, they still haven’t found their way into the Indian education system.

I wonder...
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